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Cass Identity`s Model

Cass`s Identity Model Scope and Application of the Model LGBTQ people face serious health problems not only as a result of their sexuality, but also as a result of isolation and discrimination. Counsellors and social workers are frequently sought out by these persons. As a result, models that explain the process of coming out are essential. Coming out depicts people of the LGBTQ community going through the process of disclosing their sexual orientation. Several researchers have given various models addressing the emergence of queer identity. The Cass Identity Paradigm is one such model. The model highlights the stages that people go through as they come to terms with their sexuality in both internal and external circumstances. Identity confusion, identity comparison, identity tolerance, identity acceptance, identity pride, and identity synthesis are the six stages of the model (Ferdoush, 2016; Kenneady & Oswalt, 2014). The scope and applicability of Cass's Identity Model, as well as the description of the major stages and the model's limits, are discussed in this work. History of the Model Dr. Vivienne Cass created the Cass's Identity Model in the late 1970s after listening to her homosexual and lesbian clients discuss their identities (Kenneady & Oswalt, 2014). Cass noted several similarities between the gay and lesbian client experiences. This was a groundbreaking model that helped to normalize the treatment of LGBTQ people (Kenneady & Oswalt, 2014). The approach is useful for understanding how LGBTQ people come out. As a result, the goal of this research is to assess Cass’s Identity Model and see how it explains how LGBTQ people come out. Description of the Identity Development Process, Including Important Factors and Key Stages or Achievements First Phase Identity confusion, identity comparison, identity tolerance, identity acceptance, identity pride, and identity synthesis are the six primary stages of Cass's Identity Model (Ferdoush, 2016; Kenneady & Oswalt, 2014). The first step of the model, identity uncertainty, includes a person being unsure of their own identity. (Ferdoush, 2016) The individual, on the other hand, is growing aware of their sexual identities. The majority of people who have identity confusion are in their early adolescent years. Second Phase The second phase is identity comparison, in which people question themselves if they are members of the LGBTQ community (Ferdoush, 2016). Individuals at this stage must also address the notion that they are the only members of the LGBTQ community within their settings. Individuals who live in authoritarian communities where homosexuality is not tolerated will find the stage tough (Ferdoush, 2016). Third Phase The third stage is identity tolerance. This is the stage where an individual comprehend that they are homosexual. To those surrounding them, these individuals are perceived as homosexual and as such they are forced to develop supporting network (Ferdoush, 2016). In most cases, these individuals tend to join social platform groups that have individuals who share similar identity. Fourth Phase The fourth stage is identity acceptance. Just as the name implies, the individual does not hide about their identity. They are always ready to tell others about their identity. However, the individual still has doubt in their mind that opening up to other individuals about their identity can result to problems (Ferdoush, 2016). For example, such individuals can have problems opening up to their parents about their identity. Fifth Phase The fifth stage is identity pride. In this stage, the individuals publicly demonstrate pride about their identity. They individuals are now prepared to inform everyone about their sexual identity. The opinions provided by other homosexuals become now more vital than those opinions provided by heterosexuals. In some instances, individuals in this stage tend to get angry when identified as heterosexuals (Ferdoush, 2016). However, this does not apply to repressive societies where homosexuality is not tolerated. Sixth Phase The last stage is the identity synthesis. This is the stage where individuals are happy with their identity and start mixing with equal proportions of homosexuals and heterosexuals (Ferdoush, 2016). Just like the previous stage, this stage is also not applicable in societies where the homosexuality is frowned upon. Limitation of the Model Kaufman and Johnson as cited by Ferdoush (2016) identified for main limitation of the model. Utmost, they identified the model assumed a goal-directed process that someone passes from one stage to the next. Second, the model understated the essence of social context with respect to identity formation. The model only focused between the relationship of behavior and identity. Third, the model fails to acknowledge that an individual will have to deal with stigma throughout their lives. Lastly, the model fails to take into accounts the different variations of societies caused by religion, races, class, culture, etc. For any tutoring, essay, and dissertation help, quantawriters.com is the place References Ferdoush, A. (2016). Revisiting Cass’s Model of Homosexual Identity Development in Context of Bangladesh Society. SAGE Open, 6(2), 215824401665191. https://doi.org/10.1177/2158244016651913 Kenneady, D. A., & Oswalt, S. B. (2014). Is Cass’s Model of Homosexual Identity Formation Relevant to Today’s Society? American Journal of Sexuality Education, 9(2), 229–246. https://doi.org/10.1080/15546128.2014.900465

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